Welcome to my practice.

We all need a witness to our unique experience in life, one who is trained to be able to watch, listen, feel and respond. My commitment to you is to be that witness.

As your travel companion, I accompany you on your exploration of your history and its interaction with your present relationships, conflicts, aspirations and goals.

I treat women, men, teens, and families experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, body image hatred, and eating problems.

Join me on a journey of strengthening and healing.

I divide my time between working directly with people seeking help and training therapists. I am an author in my field, and I present regularly to clinicians about how to understand and do the work of psychotherapy.

We begin healing with the understanding that we are essentially social, that we develop only in relation to our attachments to others from early life through adulthood, and indeed, in therapy itself.  This perspective about how we feel and what we do has been fully supported by contemporary neuroscience that shows how our brains evolve and thrive only in relationship to significant others.

While for many of us, these relationships have provided enough safety and support for our emotional, mental and physical development, they also can be the source of inner pain and conflict.

Even though feelings of being misunderstood and unloved are inevitable,  experiences such as emotional or physical abandonment, criticism, or actual physical and sexual abuse are overwhelming and sabotage our capacities to live fully.

We are often most aware of blaming ourselves: “If I were only better, different, smarter, stronger, thinner, less needy, less dependent….I would be worthwhile and loveable.”

This compelling inner voice to avoid pain by being “better” exists only in relationship to an alternative inner voice: “But I’ll never be what I should be…I’m a failure, and I deserve to be rejected.” This inner struggle usually leads to an emotional paralysis that is repeated in our relationships with others throughout life.

Therapy provides an alternative relational experience that enhances the possibility for life-changing insight and emotional growth. It is a personal journey that together you and I take on your behalf, one that is distinctly yours.

We will look at both your individual history and interpersonal history while considering the effects of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity.

Therapy is hard work. It necessarily produces feelings of sadness. At the same time, coming to know oneself is very interesting, and often fun. It is my hope that you will experience moments of profound pride and joy in your therapeutic achievements.

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My Expertise
    • Anxiety/ Depression
    • Eating Problems
    • Body Hatred
    • Late Adolescence
    • Relationships
    • Dissociation/Trauma
    • Treatment of Abusers
    • Working with Grief
    • Impulse Control
    • Adoption
    • Parenting
Susan Gutwill, MS, LCSW
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(732) 887-0848
(732) 887-0848


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