Clinical Supervision: Working with the Continuum of Eating and Body Image Problems

Do your clients suffer from:

Fear of food? Purging? Restricting? Desperately dieting? Body insecurity?

Learn to help your clients identify and work with these issues and to bring them into a general psychotherapy: 

  • Respond to body cues of hunger, satiation and food choice
  • Explore the underlying meanings of eating and body image problems
  • Use a psychodynamic framework, while applying cognitive, somatic and mindfulness practices to the work
  • Resolve symptoms of eating problems and body image insecurity and let this work bring the therapy dyad to a complete relational psychotherapy
  • Issues in the convergence of eating  problems and sexual abuse

As you can see, these supervision groups will deal with all issues that come up in treatment. Dealing with eating and body insecurity will lead to general clinical supervision.


Consultation group will include both didactic and experiential elements.


Susan Gutwill, MS, LCSW, psychotherapist, teacher, author.


Group meets every other Tuesday at 10:30am in Highland Park, NJ.